Ancient Rhino Surprises Scientists

A giant “Siberian unicorn” was previously thought to have lived over 350,000 years ago is now thought to have gone extinct around 29,000 years ago.  This means that they “may have roamed the Earth at the same time as humans”.  They could have just asked me and I could have told them that all land animals were created on the sixth day of creation, which means they did exist at the same time as humans who were also created on day six.
Although the scientists’ dating is still off, they are much closer to the timeframe of the Bible.

It’s also interesting that they are calling this animal a “rhino”.  The last time I went to the zoo, those still existed!  They said the Siberian unicorn was about 6.7 feet tall and 15 feet long.  I looked up the average size of modern-day rhinos and guess what?  They’re about the same size!  The white rhinoceros averages 5-6 feet tall and 12.5-15 feet long (  So I’m wondering why it’s surprising that this Siberian rhino “roamed the Earth” with humans.  According to the Bible, all land animals existed with humans.  (Genesis 1:24-31)  So although this particular species is now gone, at one time it was on Earth with humans.