Featured Resource – Week of 04/29/2012

Basic Theology – A Popular Systematic Guide to Understanding Biblical Truth by Charles Ryrie

Moody Publishers, 1999
656 pages
ISBN-10: 0802427340

If you want to know more about God, this is the book for you.  This is the most approachable theology book I have found.  It is clear enough for the average person (see the word “popular” in the sub-title), yet it is deep enough that the pastor, Bible teacher, or seminary professor often finds it to be an indispensable resource.

It is formatted systematically, so that the reader will find sections addressing the various divisions of systematic theology (God, the Bible, salvation, Jesus, angels, etc.).  These major divisions are broken down into smaller chapters, covering a specific doctrinal area.  The vast majority of chapters are less than 10 pages in length, so the content is in digestible portions.

The back of the book has a chapter defining key theological terms, a scripture index, and a subject index.  These are very helpful features.

I believe that every Christian should have a decent book of theology.  It provides a ready reference when you have questions about God and how He works.