Featured Resource – Week of 06/03/2012

The Minor Prophets by Charles L. Feinberg

Moody Publishers, 1990
360 pages
ISBN 10: 0802453058

They are those books of the Bible that you rarely hear anything about.  The last 12 books of the Old Testament, collectively known to us as the “Minor Prophets”, contain some of the most overlooked and yet vitally important passages in all the Bible.  Other than a few passing references, most Christians know little about these prophets.  Sure, most of us know the story of Jonah, but how many know much about Obadiah?  Or Amos?

They are called “minor” not because they are less important, but rather simply because they are comparatively shorter than the other, more lengthy books of the prophets, such as Isaiah or Ezekiel.  This book by Charles Feinberg guides you through the riches of these prophets.  He will reveal much about the writers themselves, their times, and the great themes of each of the 12 Minor Prophets. It is a very helpful book that will shed light about a too often neglected portion of Scripture.