Gravitational Waves Show That Universe Had a Beginning

There’s been a lot of buzz in the scientific community this month surrounding the detection of gravitational waves, a concept which was predicted by Albert Einstein about 100 years ago and is the last piece of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity to be proven.  I have been following the story because of the religious implications it has.  For years scientists have been trying to decide if the universe had a beginning or not (which is weird to me because it’s pretty obvious that it did).  Even Stephen Hawking has changed his position on that issue several times.  Without getting into a bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo, the discovery of gravitational waves settles the issue.  The universe did have a beginning and now scientists have proof.

Although there have been numerous articles on this, I picked the one below because of this quote from Michio Kaku:
“With the detection of gravitational waves, we could potentially determine exactly what happened the moment our universe was created.”
Now to be clear, Dr. Kaku is an agnostic, just like most of his peers, but the language he uses here is interesting—“the moment our universe was created.”  Hello!  Did he really just say “created”?!  Now I realize he’s a materialist who likely doesn’t believe that God had anything to do with it.  However, his words reveal one very important fact—there was a moment when the universe began.  Regardless of the debate going on among scientists for years, the Bible states that the universe had a beginning.  I’m glad scientists finally have come around to this fact.