Featured Resource – Week of 05/20/2012

With the Word by Warren Wiersbe

Thomas Nelson, 1993
864 pages
ISBN-10: 0840792131

This resource provides a chapter-by-chapter commentary on every book of the Bible.  The format lends itself to a variety of uses.  It can be used as a commentary, a devotional, or a ready tool to prepare Bible studies or Sunday School lessons.

Wiersbe’s insights are practical and applicable to any audience.  His many years as a pastor and writer provide a wealth of insight into the Bible and how it relates to everyday life.

The book also has introductions to every book in the Bible, which provides important historical and cultural information to aid the reader in understanding God’s Word.

Featured Resource – Week of 04/22/2012

Daniel – The Key to Prophetic Revelation by John Walvoord

Moody Publishers, 1989
320 pages
ISBN-10: 0802417531

In my opinion, this is the best commentary on the book of Daniel available today.  Dr. Walvoord provides a thorough overview of the cultural background and theological issues of the book.  He addresses the considerations of dating the book and demonstrates that Daniel is indeed a book that fortells the future kingdoms of Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.  Walvoord’s essential argument in the book is that Daniel provides the framework in which biblical prophecy must be interpreted.  He accomplishes this goal while providing a thorough treatment of each chapter of Daniel.