Featured Resource – Week of 04/22/2012

Daniel – The Key to Prophetic Revelation by John Walvoord

Moody Publishers, 1989
320 pages
ISBN-10: 0802417531

In my opinion, this is the best commentary on the book of Daniel available today.  Dr. Walvoord provides a thorough overview of the cultural background and theological issues of the book.  He addresses the considerations of dating the book and demonstrates that Daniel is indeed a book that fortells the future kingdoms of Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.  Walvoord’s essential argument in the book is that Daniel provides the framework in which biblical prophecy must be interpreted.  He accomplishes this goal while providing a thorough treatment of each chapter of Daniel.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Too many times in our society, people promote themselves and take credit whether it’s due or not.  This is a prideful way of acting and one that was foreign to a remarkable man named Daniel.

We find Daniel in the second chapter of the book bearing his name facing certain death.  King Nebuchadnezzar has ordered that all the wise men be put to death because they could not tell Nebuchadnezzar what he had been dreaming about or what it meant.  Daniel petitions the captain of the guard to take him to the king.  Upon his appearance, Daniel asks the king for some time and is granted it (Dan. 2:1-16). Continue reading

What a Pagan King Teaches Us about God

Nebuchadnezzar is one of the most infamous kings of the Old Testament.  He conquered Jerusalem, destroyed the First Temple, and sent the Jews into exile or captivity.  In Daniel chapter 4, however, the king is humbled by God.  After Nebuchadnezzar boasts of his achievements, God gives him an odd mental disease (know in modern times as lycanthropy or porphyria) where he is forced to live as an animal for seven years. Continue reading