Charles Caldwell Ryrie Goes Home

Today a giant of the faith and a humble servant of the Lord went home.  Charles Ryrie was a gifted theologian, teacher, and writer.  His ministry shaped the lives of many—both those who came in direct contact with him and those, like me, who were impacted by his books.

The Ryrie Study Bible taught a generation how to read and understand the Scriptures.  Dispensationalism Today (later republished as just Dispensationalism) helped many comprehend a vital, yet sometimes difficult topic.  So Great Salvation revealed the simple truth that Jesus saves and broadened that theme to help our understanding of what we have in Christ.  Dr. Ryrie authored more than 50 books which uphold the authority of the Bible, teach Its truths, and honor Christ.  They will be influential for generations to come.

In seminary, I was taught by one of Dr. Ryrie’s students.  He told me that when he was a struggling student at Dallas Theological Seminary and needed a place to live, Dr. Ryrie welcomed him into his home and gave him a room to use.  He spoke highly of Dr. Ryrie as a teacher, a mentor, and a brother in Christ.  He will be missed, but Dr. Ryrie lives today with the One he devoted his life to.