Bird with Long Tail Feathers Wows Scientists

Scientists find a fossil of what looks like a hummingbird with elongated feathers and they pronounce that it’s 115 million years old.  Birds like this exist today (such as the male Anna’s Hummingbird).  Regardless, we get pabulum like this:

“These are weird feathers that occur in extinct birds,” said Richard Prum, a professor of ornithology at Yale University who was not involved with the study. “But they’re on a separate line. They have nothing to do with modern feathers. It’s fascinating.”


Living birds no longer have the same ribbonlike feathers, researchers said, although the tropicbird comes close, with its elongated, ornamental tail feathers that blow behind it in the breeze.

First of all, this fossil is tiny and does not reflect the detail in their imaginative drawings.  (Watch the video.)  Second, simply stating that these feathers are not like modern feathers does not make it so.  It’s a fossil.  It doesn’t have a lot of detail.  They’re just making broad assumptions using their worldview and imagination.  This is not science.  Many birds have elongated tail feathers today.  This is not new.  I’m not saying that this fossil isn’t from an extinct bird.  I’m just saying, it’s not that old and not that unique.  Why the fuss?

Genesis 1:21  And God created … every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.