Impossible Rocks Are a Mystery to Scientists

Here’s a brief, but interesting article on how scientists have yet again been bamboozled by something appearing where it shouldn’t.  Their preconceived notions about how and when these “impossible rocks” form is the cause of their confusion.

The “impossible rocks” are massive quartzite rocks.  They state that much of this island, including large portions of a mountain, is made of quartzite. This shouldn’t be because it is a volcanic island.  One of the scientists (towards the end of the article) came up with a creative explanation for how this could have occurred, “millions of years ago”.  I always love these explanations, which are neither observable or historical.  Therefore, the explanation falls outside of the scientific method.

impossible rock - quartzite

impossible rock – quartzite

Then I read a technical article from Answers in Genesis from 2014 which describes how granite rocks, including “massive quartzite” were formed rapidly during Noah’s Flood, using samples found in Australia.  Australia is largely volcanic and has roughly 400 volcanoes, although none are currently active.  ( So this is an explanation which begins with recorded history (Genesis) in which there were observers (Noah, his family, and God Himself) and then applies actual science to test their hypothesis.  I like this explanation better.